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Local Emergency Tree Service

High winds and strong thunderstorms can cause trees to topple and large branches to break, leaving you searching for an emergency tree service if they fall on your home or property. Double D’s is a reliable solution to homeowners and businesses in a tree-related crisis with emergency tree service and removal in Columbus Ohio.

At Double D's Stump Grinding & Removal, we take great pride in our services and are confident that our team of professionals to help you make informed decisions to ensure the safety of your home and loved ones. Let us help walk you through everything you need to consider when facing an emergency tree situation.

24-Hour Emergency Tree Removal Company in Columbus, Ohio

If you have an accident involving your trees, we’re here to provide quick and efficient emergency solutions to address your urgent tree care needs. Our 24/7 emergency tree services are always available to provide prompt and friendly assistance. We can help you with:

Emergency Tree Removal

Swift removal of fallen or hazardous trees to eliminate immediate dangers.

Emergency Tree Cutting

Precise cutting and dismantling of damaged or dangerous trees to prevent further harm.

Emergency Tree Trimming

Strategic trimming of overhanging branches and limbs to mitigate potential risks.

Emergency Tree Service Process

Facing a tree-related emergency can be a stressful and challenging experience. Our emergency tree removal company in Columbus is designed to alleviate that stress. Take a few deep breaths, follow these steps, and we’ll help you work through this emergency prioritizing safety, precision, and customer satisfaction.


It should go without saying that before you do anything, make sure you and your family are safe and out of harm's way. Get to a safe place, knock on a neighbor's door if needed, etc. Safety is the #1 priority in an emergency.

Emergency Response

A. Immediate Availability

Call us at (740) 405-0610 as our 24/7 emergency response team is always ready. 

When you contact us for emergency tree services, our team will gather essential information about the situation including the nature of the emergency, the location, and any immediate safety concerns. When we have all the details, we’ll dispatch our experienced emergency response crew to your location.

B. Call your insurance

Homeowners insurance typically covers when a tree falls on your home, shed, fencing, and other structures. Comprehensive car insurance often covers if your car is damaged. If a tree falls in your yard and nothing is damaged, then it’s unlikely insurance will cover the tree, especially if the tree was dead to begin with. We highly recommend calling your insurance agent and alert them of the situation if it’s likely you’ll have a claim.

C. Take pictures for documentation

Assuming you can do this safely, we recommend taking pictures of the damage to try and document what has happened for your records. The more documentation you have (including our pictures), the more likely your insurance claim will be paid out in full.

Initial Emergency Assessment

A. Safety Evaluation

Once we arrive at your property, we will conduct a safety evaluation and assess the immediate risks of the fallen or damaged tree. We are considering the tree’s proximity to structures, power lines, roadways, and more, to figure out the best and safest solution going forward.

If there are downed power lines, if not called already, we’ll contact the local utility companies as we cannot proceed until the area is safe for our workers.

B. Tree Health and Structural Assessment

Our tree care professionals will thoroughly assess the tree's health and structural integrity. This evaluation helps us determine the most appropriate approach for removal, cutting of limbs, or stabilization, considering the tree's unique characteristics.

C. Documentation of Incident

Our team will take pictures of the emergency and document what has happened. We’ll take some important notes like:

  • What has been damaged - home, car, roof, siding, etc
  • Approximate size, type of tree, and health of tree
  • Any observations of the area

Begin Emergency Tree Service, Debris Cleanup, and Stabilization

A. Safely Cut or Remove Trees as Necessary

Once we have assessed the situation and can proceed safely, our crew will gear up wearing helmets, safety glasses, gloves, climbing gear, and other PPE to mitigate potential risks associated with emergency tree services. We’ll strategically cut branches, limbs, and tree trunks to remove the fallen or hazardous tree as best as possible. Depending on the size and location of the tree, this may require bucket trucks or other machinery to ensure no further damage happens during the tree cutting process. For disposal of the wood, we’ll either haul it in our trailer or we also have a wood chipper that we’ll use to help clean up the debris. 

Once the tree is cut and only the stump remains, we’ll bring in our stump grinder to thoroughly remove the stump and all roots. Once the stump is removed, we’ll smooth over any landscaping that was damaged to complete the process.

B. Stabilization Procedures

Stabilization can sometimes be required not for the fallen tree, but potentially other trees that may have been landed on during the storm. The heavy weight of a fallen tree can often cause other trees to become unstable and out-of-balance. If that is the case, our team will devise a  strategy that can involve installing braces and cables to reinforce the tree's structure and prevent collapse.

Post-Operation Safety Checks

A. Site Inspection

Prior to leaving the job, our team will conduct a post-operation safety check that includes a final site inspection to ensure all potential hazards are addressed. We’ll have a conversation with the homeowner about any additional recommendations for ongoing care, and address any questions or concerns you may have.

B. Incident Reporting

For insurance purposes, we provide detailed documentation of the emergency tree service including before-and-after photographs, assessments, invoices, and any other recommendations. This provides your insurance will a full scope of what was completed.

C. Customer Satisfaction

It’s our commitment to provide customer satisfaction that extends beyond completing the emergency tree service. We follow up with you to ensure you are satisfied with the results, answer any lingering questions, and address any additional concerns.

How We Help Homeowners and Businesses

Let us help provide tree care for your property to keep it looking great year round.

What Our Tree Service Clients are Saying

Tree Care Testimonials

Double Ds Storm And Emergency Tree Service After Tree Fell On House Before
Double D’s was absolutely amazing!! I called Saturday morning with a stump that I needed taken out immediately as I completely forgot I needed it gone! He was able to come out next day! We met at 10:30, he started around 11is and he was done before 12:30. The stump was very large and he got it about 18inches into the ground! Absolutely loved how fast he was to get this job done! We opted to clean up the wood ourselves , but he was awesome and put everything in a pile for us! We will definitely use him for any other projects!
The only company that answered my phone call and followed up for site visit the next day. Very pleased with the work and very reasonably priced. Would higher recommend this company.
Dom was able to come out on a Saturday with short notice and help us with a project (digging a trench for rain drainage). We ran into a dense patch of roots and he helps us finish digging the canal! It was perfect, timely and reasonably priced. Couldn't be more thankful for them helping us out in a pinch.

Don came out, gave me a quote . I hired him and he did everything he said he would do. Hard working crew. Excellent job and excellent price.

I called Don for a stump grinding estimate. He said he could come right over and arrived in 20 minutes. He gave us a reasonable price so we told him to go ahead. Within an hour, the stump was removed and the area was cleaned up. Very pleased with the service.

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Frequently Asked Question

Will my homeowners insurance cover preventative tree removal?

Homeowners insurance typically does not cover preventative tree removal.

In addition, if you do not remove dead, rotting, leaning, or dangerous trees and said tree then falls on your home/property, that could be considered negligence. You will want to contact your insurance company for more specific details.

Who is responsible for a fallen tree removal?

Generally speaking, you are responsible for everything on your property.

In the case of a fallen tree, as long as the tree was in good health and was not diseased or rotting, the property where the tree landed, that homeowner is typically responsible.

If the tree was rotting, diseased, or dangerous, it could be considered negligence and the property where the tree came from (location of the stump), that owner could be liable.

If the fallen tree does not hit your home, insurance typically will not pay anything for removing the tree.

If the tree damages your home, your homeowners insurance will typically cover the cost of repairing any damages, in addition to paying for removal of the tree. How much they'll pay is dependent on your insurance.

If you have trees near your property line, we highly recommend consulting with your insurance company to be prepared for or avoid any future complications.

Who is liable for tree root damage?

Similar to the questions above, you are still responsible for the tree roots on your property, even if the tree trunk is on your neighbor's property. In a situation like this, we would recommend having a conversation with your neighbor, proving the damage, and collaborating to decide whether or not to remove the tree or not. Again, review your insurance documents thoroughly as well.

How to level the ground or repair your lawn after tree removal?

After a tree is removed and the stump is ground up, we will shovel and rake the area flat, making it fairly level. In some situations, we will replace the area with wood chips or the area can be filled in with dirt. We do not plant grass or fertilize damaged areas if that is desired.