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Tree Trunk And Branches On The Ground After Cutting Down A Tree And Double Ds Trimming A Tree Branch Hanging Over A House

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Managing your property’s landscape takes regular maintenance and upkeep to keep your yard looking pristine. A part of yards that often get neglected are the trees. While most regular maintenance includes the clean up of sticks, nuts, and debris that has fallen from the tree into your grass, you also need to keep your trees heath and in good condition. If you look closely at your trees, you may notice:

  • broken branches
  • branches that no longer have leaves
  • branches are rubbing or scratching against your the home during a storm

These are all important signs that you or a professional tree service company should cut some branches and prune your trees.

Manage the Trees on your Property

Tree Trimming & Pruning in Gahanna

Corrective Pruning

Trees require regular pruning practices to promote growth of a strong, central trunk, strengthen branches, and maintain weight balance of the tree. This includes the removal of any diseased or rubbing branches, branches with excessive lateral growth, and trimming of tree shoots or “suckers.” This will give the tree an aesthetically pleasing look while helping it grow stronger and maintain long-term health.

Property Clearance

Tree crowning, while not as invasive, also limits the tree height as you’re pruning back branches at the top of a tree to create a "crown" at the top, in conjunction with the lateral branches. This can reduce weight and make the tree more stable.

Stump Grinding & Tree Removal

Clearing Stumps for Safety and Convenience

Removing tree stumps from your yard can be helpful for a variety of reasons. If you are someone who enjoys the aesthetic appeal of your yard, no dead stumps will make your yard nicer. You could also use that area for something more functional like planting flowers or simply plant grass to make mowing or trimming easier. Removing stumps also eliminates a tripping hazard in your hard.

Stump Removal for Future Plant Health

Tree stumps can attract pests such as termites, ants, and beetles, or harbor disease and fungi. These issues may eventually spread to other trees or even your home. Removing the stump eliminates a potential habitat, reducing the risk of infestation or other plants becoming diseased as well.

Stumps can also sprout new shoots or suckers in an attempt to regrow. Removing the stump completely eliminates this possibility.

Need an Expert to Extract the Stumps in Your Yard? Request a Free Quote Today!

Do you have an ugly or inconveniently placed stump on your property? Tree stumps can spread decay and harbor pests, and if left to grow, the roots can even damage pipes and other parts of your property. We can remove any unsightly stumps, freeing up space and letting you have your desired garden. Contact us today for stump grinding, stump removal, and tree services.

Cost of Tree Services and Stump Grinding in Gahanna

Every tree in your yard is different and we have to take into account all of the details to properly price our services. Our tree service professionals will come out to your home and inspect the property for a variety of factors to put together your estimate:

Tree Trimming And Removal Near Power Lines And A Pool Before
Tree Trimming And Removal Near Power Lines And A Pool After

Project timing and scheduling

Emergency tree services require immediate attention while other projects may be scheduled out days or weeks in advance. We also try to schedule projects around town back-to-back to cut down travel expenses. This can lower or raise the cost of services.

Type, size, and number of trees or stumps

Cutting down multiple, large, healthy trees takes more time than one, small, dead tree, and in some cases, specialized equipment like bucket trucks may be required. Additionally, some trees like Oaks are stronger and tougher to cut down compared to a dead pine tree.

Location of the tree or stump and access

If your home has a fenced in yard, we may not be able to park our trucks where needed or we may have to use alternate machinery that's smaller to fit through your fencing.

Safety concerns

If your tree or stump is near powerlines or a building, we may have to take additional safety precautions avoid damaging your property and ensure we remove the entire stump and roots. While we are insured in case of an accident, we take all precautions to avoid any unnecessary complications.

Your desired requests

While we primarily remove trees and stumps, homeowners sometimes request we also remove bushes, shrubs, or other debris while we’re on the premises. We can accommodate and haul away other plants if requested.

Why Double D’s Stump Grinding & Removal

We're Gahanna’s trusted tree service and stump removal company

As a fully licensed and insured tree service company, we've been providing high-quality tree and stump removal services for over 15 years. We are a local, family-owned company that takes pride in their work at a cost that’s affordable for any household. We pay attention to detail and take precautions to safely trim or remove any trees necessary to get your property looking great.

Gahanna neighborhoods we help with trees and stumps:

Cherry Bottom
Hunters Ridge
Woodside Green
Academy Ridge
Rathburn Woods
Headley Park
The Woods at Shagbark
Villages at Rocky Fork
Gahanna Heights
Hensel Woods
The Greens at Clarenton
Saratoga Estates

How We Help Homeowners and Businesses

Let us help provide tree care for your property to keep it looking great year round.

Tree Service Process

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Give us a call at (740) 405-0610 or fill out our form and we’ll get in touch to discuss your tree care needs. We'll ask questions about what service you need, when, and those similar to the "cost" bullets above.

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Schedule an in-person estimate

Our tree care professionals will come out and visit your property to assess the situation and give you an cost estimate for your tree service.

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Complete tree service request

On the day of your tree service, our team will show up on time with all equipment necessary to complete the job. We’ll perform all services and remove all trees, branches, stumps, and debris , leaving your yard better than we arrived.

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Tree Service Completed

Enjoy your home or business with peace of mind that your problem tree(s) has been taken care of and your property looks great.

What Our Tree Service Clients are Saying

Tree Care Testimonials

Double Ds Storm And Emergency Tree Service After Tree Fell On House Before
Double D’s was absolutely amazing!! I called Saturday morning with a stump that I needed taken out immediately as I completely forgot I needed it gone! He was able to come out next day! We met at 10:30, he started around 11is and he was done before 12:30. The stump was very large and he got it about 18inches into the ground! Absolutely loved how fast he was to get this job done! We opted to clean up the wood ourselves , but he was awesome and put everything in a pile for us! We will definitely use him for any other projects!
The only company that answered my phone call and followed up for site visit the next day. Very pleased with the work and very reasonably priced. Would higher recommend this company.
Dom was able to come out on a Saturday with short notice and help us with a project (digging a trench for rain drainage). We ran into a dense patch of roots and he helps us finish digging the canal! It was perfect, timely and reasonably priced. Couldn't be more thankful for them helping us out in a pinch.

Don came out, gave me a quote . I hired him and he did everything he said he would do. Hard working crew. Excellent job and excellent price.

I called Don for a stump grinding estimate. He said he could come right over and arrived in 20 minutes. He gave us a reasonable price so we told him to go ahead. Within an hour, the stump was removed and the area was cleaned up. Very pleased with the service.

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